Please notice: the contents of this page are a personal project that is also a work in progress. In September 2018, I began developing my skills as a web designer and doing what I can to learn UX and UI principles. This included enrolling in night classes with General Assembly in addition to teaching myself Sketch and Adobe XD on the side. is a fictional music streaming service that would theoretically be a competitor to services like Spotify, Pandora and Napster by not only offering streaming music, but also develop custom playlists based on a user's specific tastes, preferences, and current mood.
I've learned a lot in the process of developing this brand, including ways I can continue to improve upon it moving forward. For example: I now know that there are aspects of my design that could make life difficult for developers. I also know there are a variety of better ways to prototype my designs so I can better communicate how I'd like my final UX to ideally work.

My next goal with this brand would be to improve upon it such that it's not just a fun design in theory, but also in practicality.